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Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee ReimbursementSector Columbia River

General Information

The CGMA Stafford/PLUS Loan Reimbursement Program offers help to clients and their families who finance post-secondary education through the Federal Stafford Loan or Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), by refunding the mandatory loan fee that is charged each borrower.  The lender ordinarily deducts this fee from the loan disbursement check. 


After confirming use of the loan, CGMA will reimburse the dollar amount of the loan fee to the client.


Eligibility Requirements


Federal Stafford Loan: All CGMA clients, on behalf of themselves or their eligible family members. The student must be enrolled at least half time in a participating post secondary education institution. More Information



Federal PLUS Loan: All CGMA clients who have dependent children enrolled at least halftime in a participating post secondary educational institution. More Information



Note: Eligibility does not extend to CGMA clients who are currently delinquent in repaying any CGMA loan or who appear on the CGMA Restricted List.



Small blue button

STAFFORD and PLUS loans are made through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program. Under this Program, money is borrowed directly from the federal government. Prior to July 1, 2010 Stafford, and PLUS loans were also made by private lenders under the Federal Family Eduction Loan (FFEL) program

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The school determines which program to use. Some schools participate in the FFEL Program while others participate only in the Direct Loan Program

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Eligibility is based on the client's and the student's status as of the first day of the course for which assistance is requested

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Participating educational institutions include most two-year and four-year colleges and universities, graduate and profession institutions, and many vocation/technical schools

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You may apply for a refund of the loan fee at the end of each academic term for which a Stafford or PLUS loan was disbursed to the student's account. Refund applications must be submitted within 12 months after the date the loan funds are disbursed

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Individuals receiving assistance under this program may also be eligible for assistance under other CGMA Education Programs


Application Procedures

step 1

When a Stafford or PLUS loan is approved and funds are transferred to the school, the lender will send a Notice of Loan Guarantee and Disclosure Statement (FFEL Program) or a Notice of Disbursement Made (Direct Loan Program), showing, among other things, the principal amount of the loan and the fee. Retain this notice. You will need it for step 4.

step 2

At the end of the school term, obtain an account statement from the school showing deposits to the student's school account for that term.

step 3

Complete all sections of the Application for Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Refund (CGMA Form 8)
    Contribution Forms are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you may download it free by clicking here Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
    This form is also available from your nearest CGMA Representative or CGMA-HQ (800) 881-2462 or (703) 875-0404.

step 4

Attach the following documents
  Small blue button A copy of the Notice of Loan Guarantee and Disclosure Statement (FFEL Program) or the Notice of Loan Disbursement (Direct Loan Program) from your lending institution, retained in step 1
  Small blue button The student's school account statement from step 2
  Small blue button A clear copy of the front and back of the client’s valid Coast Guard ID card (both sides, clearly visible).

step 5

Make a photocopy for your records and Mail or fax the entire package to:

1005 N. Glebe Road
Suite 220
Arlington, VA 22201



Fax: (703) 875-0344

After ensuring the application and attachments are complete, CGMA-HQ will process the request and issue a check to the client for the proper amount.


Additional Information

For more information on Federal Student Loans, including how to apply, current interest rates and the maximum amounts for the Stafford loan, contact:


Small Green Arrow Your school's Financial Aid Office
Small Green Arrow Call the U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid Center at 1-800-433-3243 (TTY users dial 1-800-730-8913)
Small Green Arrow Visit their Website: or by writing to the following address:


Federal Student Aid Information Center
P.O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044-0084



  • Applications are available Online

  • From your CGMA Representative or

  • By calling CGMA-HQ at (800) 881-2462 or (703) 875-0404


Need More Information?

Small Green Arrow Detailed information concerning Loan Fee Reimbursement is contained in Section 3-C-7-d of the CGMA Manual

Small Green Arrow Review our General Information Brochure

Small Green Arrow Contact your local Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Representative

Small Green Arrow Call CGMA-HQ (800) 881-2462 or (703) 875-0404

Small Green Arrow Send us an email:

"We Look After Our Own"

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