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Outreach ProgramSector Southeastern New England

General Information

The Outreach Program is designed to reach as many members of the Coast Guard Family as possible and to help educate them on the various programs and services available through Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. To accomplish this goal CGMA-HQ offers on-site presentation and training to local units.


This general presentation can be part of an All-Hands Training, A Pre-Deployment meeting with Spouses, or other gatherings where a significant population of Coast Guard members and/or their families can be reached.


In addition, senior staff, Representatives, and Assistant Representatives are welcome to have a separate Q&A session to discuss case management, CGMA policy and any concerns they might have.



The presentation covers:

*     Who is eligible for assistance and for what reasons assistance is given

*     How to apply and why a budget form is needed

*     The Quick Loan program and avoidance of payday lenders

*     The importance of taking advantage of free financial counseling

*     Supplemental Education Grants (SEG), Student Loan Fee Reimbursement, and Baby Layette Programs

*     A quick website orientation (where to find more information and forms)

*     Audience Q&A's



There are many locations where our clients and their families do not know who CGMA is or how we can help.  Other members know their Mutual Assistance contacts, but are too embarrassed to ask for assistance or may fear negative consequences.


Additionally, many might not realize that by being proactive about getting help with their finances now, they decrease the chance of being in a greater bind later on down the road.  CGMA wants to address these issues.


Points of Contact

Please contact Nicky Sciortino or Erica Chapman if you are interested in scheduling CGMA to address your crew and/or supervisors. (703) 576-7529     (703) 581-5297

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