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Rep's NewsCGC Maple

General Information


CGMA-HQ will provide information to Representatives on a regular basis via Rep's News.


This will include reoccurring information such as notification that monthly BOC Minutes and Financial Reports are available to view and distribute within their AOR.


It will also include "Hot Items" such as changes to the CGMA Manual and other items requiring immediate action.


Contact CGMA-HQ with any questions you may have concerning these items.



JULY 2015

JUNE 2015

  • BOC Minutes has been updated to include the Board of Control Minutes from May 2015 (06/11/15)

MAY 2015

APRIL 2015

  • Change 12 to the CGMA manual introducing the Special Needs Children Grant recently authorized by the Board is now available to download (04/15/15)

MARCH 2015

  • It's time to start preparing for the 2015 Annual Campaign which will be run in April. CGMA-HQ is preparing the necessary items to conduct the campaign and will make each item available as it is completed. You can use the link Campaign 2015 in the left menu for quick access to all campaign material. (03/012/15)



  • Change 11 to the CGMA manual now available to download (01/27/15)
  • 2015 SEG FLYER is now available showing the changes to the Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) program. Please make this information widely available (01/27/15)




Effective immediately, the Board of Control has approved the following changes to the Education Loan program:

  • The maximum loan amount is increased from $2,000 to $3,000

  • The restriction is removed that a client must repay an existing Education Loan before becoming eligible for an additional Education Loan.
    For example - if a client received a $2,000 Education Loan and has repaid $600 and has a current outstanding balance of $1,400, that client would be eligible for an additional $1,600 Education Loan, provided he/she is otherwise qualified.

You may wish to use the revised Education Loan Flyer to assist making our clients aware of these changes along with POD, Weekly/Monthly Notices, etc.


The CGMA Application for Education Loan CGMA Form 11 has been revised to incorporate these changes


These changes will be included in the next change to the CGMA Manual. (10/21/14)


  • Please make a pen-and-ink change to CGMA Manual paragraph 4-D-5 (on page 4-27) change the Working Hours phone number for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society from (703) 696-4904 to (703)696-1482. This change will be included in the next published change to the manual (09/12/14)


JULY 2014

  • The2014 Campaign Summary Report is now available. The 2014 Unit Report is under construction and should be available in a few days (07/24/14)

JUNE 2014

  • Change 10 to the CGMA manual implementing the CGMA Permanent Change of Station Incidentals Loan program is now available (06/16/14)

MAY 2014

APRIL 2014

  • BOC Minutes has been updated to include Board of Control Minutes for March 2014 - includes CGMA's Strategic Plan revised March 2014 (04/16/14)

MARCH 2014

  • BOC Minutes has been updated to include Board of Control Minutes for February 2014 (The BOC did not meet in December)(03/18/14)


  • BOC Minutes has been updated to include Board of Control Minutes for January 2014 (The BOC did not meet in December)(02/14/14)




  • A new bank signature card is available for immediate use. Please destroy any unused bank signature cards you may have locally. (10/29/13)
  • The "Working Hours" contact number for Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) has changed. The new working hours contact number is (703) 792-2604 (the after-hours number remains the same). Please make the following pen-and-ink change to the table on page 4-27 of your CGMA Manual: change Air Force Aid Society Working Hours phone number from (703) 607-3060 to (703) 972-2604. This change will be included in a future change to the manual (10/24/13)

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