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Appendix C - Forms

Operating Manual

Appendix C. Forms

A. General

The following forms have been adopted for use by CGMA. Note: All forms are provided in pdf format. CG Cyber Security measures may prevent you from opening pdf forms directly. If so, right-click on the form link and select "Save Target As" after you save the form it can then be opened and used as needed. Contact CGMA-HQ if you have any questions.

CGMA - 1 Quick Loan Application
CGMA - 5 Application for Assistance
CGMA - 6 Application for Disaster Assistance
CGMA - 6a Application for Disaster Grant and/or Conversion of Disaster Loan into a Grant
CGMA - 7 Application for CGMA Layette
CGMA - 8 Application for CGMA Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Refund
CGMA - 10 Application for CGMA Supplemental Education Grant (SEG)
CGMA - 11 Application for Education Loan
CGMA - 15 Budget Form
CGMA - 16 Pre-Authorization Form
CGMA - 17 Disapproval/Appeal Statement
CGMA - 20 Representative Information and Certification Form
CGMA - 20a Assistant Representative Information and Certification Form
CGMA - 21 Relief of Representative or Assistant Representative Audit Form
CGMA - 22 CGMA/NFCC Package
CGMA - 22a Letter of Introduction
CGMA - 22b Counselor Recommendation Form
CGMA - 41 Cash Contribution Form
CGMA - 42 Memorial Contribution Form
CGMA - 43 Active Duty Contribution Allotment Authorization Form
CGMA - 44 Civilian Employee Contributions Payroll Deduction Form
CGMA - 45 Retired Contribution Allotment Authorization Form
CGMA - 47 Securities Contribution Form
CGMA - 48 Honorary Donation Form
CGMA - 52 CGMA Check
Closing Disclosure Closing Disclosure Form
00-35-2653 NSBW Bank of America Corporate Signature Card

A copy of each form is to follow this page.

B. Additional Information

See section 6-C for information on obtaining, securing and accountability of forms.

Contact the CGMA-HQ Director of Administration or Executive Director if changes are needed to the list of forms or any specific form. (See paragraph 2-D-2 for CGMA-HQ contact information.)