Preface to the CGMA Operating Manual


This Manual provides policies, procedures, requirements and responsibilities necessary for conducting Coast Guard Mutual Assistance activities. To ensure uniform, consistent customer service to our clients, everyone involved with Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is to follow these policies and procedures when assisting our clients.

These policies and procedures become effective upon receipt and supersede any previously published information.

Manual Organization

Material in this manual is organized by chapter, section, paragraph and subparagraph.

Reference to information contained in 3-C-2.a would indicate:

Chapter 3

Section C

Paragraph 2

Subparagraph a


This Manual is prepared and distributed by Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

Contacting CGMA Headquarters (CGMA-HQ)

Representatives are encouraged to contact CGMA Headquarters for guidance or assistance needed regarding the content of this manual, other CGMA instructions, or when providing assistance. Information concerning CGMA-HQ is contained in paragraph 2-D-2 of this manual.

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