Tips for Viewing the CGMA Operating Manual


The online version of the CGMA Manual is organized in a manner similar to the downloadable, printable version of the Manual. That is by Chapter, Section, Paragraphs and Sub-Paragraphs. For example, 3-B-2-a would indicate Chapter 3, Section B, Paragraph 2, Sub-Paragraph a. The page breaks and numbering are also the same those in the printable version of the Manual.


From the Main Menu, select the Item, Chapter, or Appendix you wish to view.

Once the selected Item, Chapter, or Appendix appears you will have the option of selecting any Section, Paragraph or Sub-Paragraph within that section. Moving your mouse over a section will display the Paragraphs within that Section. Likewise, moving your mouse over a Paragraph will display the Sub-Paragraphs within that Paragraph. (A Plus sign on the main menu and a blue backgound on submenus indicate that an additional sub-menu will appear when you move your mouse over that selection.)

Once highlighted, simply click or tap on your choice to move to that section of the manual.

Moving Within the Manual

From within the selected Chapter or Appendix, you will have several options for viewing the manual.

Small Green Arrow You may simply scroll up and down to find the desired information within the Chapter or Appendix.

Small Green Arrow You may may make a new selection from the menu displayed for that Chapter or Appendix.

Small Green Arrow You may click or tap on Table of Contents to return to the Main Menu and select a different Chapter or Appendix to view.


Once you have opened a Chapter or Appendix, you may click or tap on any of the links within that Chapter or Appendix.

Clicking on a link will open that section in a new window. You may move back and forth between the original section and the new section by clicking the section you wish to view on the task bar on the bottom of your computer screen. Once you are done viewing the new selection, simply close that window to return to the original section you were viewing. If you wish to move to the new section, close the new window and in the original section open the Main Menu by clicking on Table of Contents and select the Chapter or Appendix you wish to view.

PDF Files

All forms are provided in pdf format. CG Cyber Security measures may prevent you from opening pdf forms directly. If so, right-click on the form link and select "Save Target As" after you save the form it can then be opened and used as needed. Contact CGMA-HQ if you have any questions.

Full Table of Contents

If desired, you may select Full Table of Contents from the Main Menu. The Full Table of Contents for the manual will be displayed. From the Full Table of Contents, you may select the Chapter or Appendix you wish to view. Once that Chapter or Appendix is displayed you may make additional sections as describe above.