Graduating student


CGMA offers a number of education grant and loan programs to help clients and their families financially meet their academic goals. Click or tap on any of the programs for detailed information about that program including eligibility requirements and application procedures.

Stafford/PLUS Loan Fee Reimbursement

Supplemental Education Grants (SEG)

Education Loan Program for Military Families

Education Advocate Grant (pdf)

Additional Information

CGMA Clients may request assistance on behalf of their eligible family members

Individuals may be eligible to receive education assistance under more than one CGMA program simultaneously

If you are applying for more than one program, it is recommended that you make several copies of the forms before filling them out, since one form may be applicable to more than one program

We suggest that you make photocopies of the completed forms at every stage of the loan or grant process to keep for future reference

Exceptions to these programs will not normally be made. This includes "bridge" loans in anticipation of assistance from another source