Special Needs Child with adult

Special Needs Grants

Special Needs Grants provide financial assistance to Active Duty CGMA clients who are faced with increased financial requirements because they have dependents with special needs.

They are open to Regular Coast Guard active duty members and Coast Guard Reserve members on active duty for 181 days or more who have dependents registered in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program.

Examples of Authorized Assistance

Fees for specialized activities such as camps, clubs, sporting leagues. This includes fees for siblings where siblings of special needs children are part of the intended target audience

The cost of adaptive equipment—items such as heavy duty strollers, wheelchairs, shoes, cranial helmets, etc.

The cost of other resources designed to meet special needs, such as Assistive Technology Devices (communication devices, hearing aids, etc.) or specialized computer software

Membership fees to organizations that provide special needs services

Respite Care Grants

The CGMA Respite Care Program provides a “break” for a few hours a week, or month, to eligible Coast Guard clients who have responsibility 24 hours per day to care for an ill or disabled family member who lives in the same household.

It is short-term help to allow a family to work towards building their own resources for self-financed respite care and to apply for assistance offered through their health insurance, governmental, or community agencies.

Program Information

Eligibility extends to Coast Guard families in which a family member has been diagnosed with a profound disability, or a serious or terminal illness that requires on-going care and attention and is enrolled in the Coast Guard Special Needs Program. The person with special needs may be a spouse, a dependent child, or dependent parent (must be registered in DEERS).

The maximum number of respite care hours may not normally exceed 40 hours per month (average usage 8 hours per week). The maximum hourly rate for respite care may not normally exceed $20/hour.

A request for respite care assistance may be initiated only by a Family Resource Specialist or Family Advocacy Specialist at a local Work-Life Regional Practice.

Questions about the Coast Guard Special Needs Program or the Respite Care program may be referred to Coast Guard Work-Life.